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In part two of our unusual ghost story, Tony reluctantly starts to discover that he rather enjoys being a woman. At first he gives in out of necessity but it soon becomes more than an obligation. He draws the line, however, at being intimate with a man. After all, he is a man himself, despite the outward appearance. And yet, forces beyond his control soon force him to reconsider that rule.

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    The cop took one last studious look at Tony, then put is hands on Tony's shoulders and slipped the dress down over them, down his upper arms, the still further until Tony's new breasts bounced out freely from the dress's confines. Now Tony really wished he had worn a bra.

    Tony felt his face starting to burn as the officer's large hands cupped each breast and began to massage them and roll them. Tony just stood as though frozen in fear, not moving as the officer continued to fondle hs assets. The the cop lowered his head and took one perky nipple between his lips and began to suck. The action sent shock waves through Tony's whole system.