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Tony Bertram, an average young man with a boring job, needs some excitement but hardly expects to find it in his apartment and never from a real ghost! Yet there she is and she wants an adventure, but as a real live human being.

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    "Oh wow! Oh my God, this feels so fucking unreal."

    Suddenly Tony could hear Jodie's voice but not through his hears. It was as if the voice was in his head a little as if he was thinking using her voice... but not.

    "Are... are you... in me? He asked in a shaky nervous voice.

    "Yeah, I can feel your heart beating. I can feel your blood pumping through your body. The warmth, the warmth is amazing."

    Tony tried to sense her. He had this sensation, the kind that you get when you have a nasty shock; when all the hairs on your body stand on end. All your nerve endings bristle like when you get goosebumps.

    "Hold on, I want to try something, something that Mrs. Marchant told me about," he heard Jodie saying. "Oh wow, it works I can see, I can see through your vision. This is so unreal."

    Tony wasn't sure how long this experiment was meant to last. He would be happy for it to end immediately but he didn't like telling the ghost to leave after such a short period of time, even though he felt uncomfortable and didn't know what to do with himself.