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This is a story right out of the old Wild West full of betrayal, violence and enduring love. Mario has been dressed and raised as a girl just as his mother's lover has desired and this is the story of her life and loves.

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    "Mama, Señor Muertazos is a very bad man," I said, "but I will not sin with him, and I did not know that he wanted you to dress me as a girl. Now I am Maria and I love being Maria. I do not even know how to be Mario anymore. Please don't make me stop being Maria."

    Mama looked at me with concern, but not with understanding. "Is it for Deputy Juttings that you wish to be Maria?" she asked. "I do not think that is wise."

    "He treats me as a lady and - he admires me as a lady. I do not want to disappoint him - unless I must. I told him I wanted to be good and decent like Clarita, and I would not sin with a man. He understood. PLease do not make me disappoint him, Mama!"

    "You will have to disappoint him sooner or later," said Mama. 

    "Well, at least let be later, not sooner!" I begged.