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In this offbeat story, Michael's dad brings home some roadkill that he insists should make a fine meal. Despite Michael's and his mom's reservations they go ahead. Soon after, this boy, who has never had such thoughts before begins to have hallucinations about being a girl. Apparently he has contracted some disease from the meat and that is causing them. These hallucinations become more and more real as even his body starts to alter.

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    I don't really remember when it happened for the first time but it must have been around the time we were starting our exams. I was at home a fair bit to do some revision which I did assiduously, unlike most of my male colleagues. One morning, I heard someone speaking to me.

    A new voice called out "Michael" quite softly but firmly to gain my attention. It was repeated several times before I worked out where it came from. It was the ballet dancer poster on my wall. Suddenly she was moving and talking to me. She was a classical ballerina in white swan dress standing on point. She turned to face me straight on.

    "Hi Michael. Please to see you are awake! You know you would make a great dancer."

    Just that and no more. Was I imagining it? Yes I must be. Posters don't talk. I went back to my work and thought no more of it.

    That night I had a vivid dream where I was that ballet dancer. It was about practice and a final performance. It woke me from sleep...