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Ms. Peters hasn't brought us a story about the intergalactic spy, Willen Smit in quite some time, but now he's back! This time nanobot technology has transformed him into a sexy Lady Caroline Sutcliff and she leads us on a sexy interstellar adventure!

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    "Lord and Lady Wharton are waiting on you," said Eloise, turning down the bed, allowing me to see the pretty panites and short, frilly nightie that would arouse any man's passion for a wife dressed as such. "Enjoy the ride, my lady, and let me congratulate you on being a grannie now!"

    Ooo, I'll have to get even with her for that remark! Oh, but Eloise's choice of clothing, or lack thereof, was perfect for my husband. I felt like a girlie sex kitten again with my husband. He seized me as soon as Eloise had helped me into my 'night clothes', hardly waiting for her grinning departure and wishes to go 'slow and easy'.

    Ooo, Rohan rose to the occasion magnificently....