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Michael foolishly enters a contest to receive breast implants which he assumes will be for his very dominant wife. When he wins, and she discovers this, it is clear that she isn't going through with this plan. In fact according to the rules only the ticket holder can receive the "gifts". Additionally there are opportunities to make considerably more money through promotions and poor Michael is going to have to personally face the consequences of his foolishness. Louisa pushes the potential opportunities and soon Michael is looking very womanly.

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    "I think I've been raped," Sarah (once Michael) said later that day as recovery became more apparent.

    Louisa's eyebrows shot up in surprise. "You'd better tell me."

    "I think it was a set-up," he said. "Karl was here with a makeup artist called Marty. We talked a little about the interview and had drinks with dinner."

    "Did you start the interview?"

    "I don't remember; I don't think so." Sarah rubbed her forehead. "It's all hazy. I remember feeling faint and being helped up to this room. It all goes blank after that."

    "So why do you think you were raped?"

    Sarah sighed. "I don't really want to tell you. I think I must have drunk to much but I didn't think I was at the time."

    "Never mind, tell me what you know."

    "I was so sick this morning and now I think about it. I don't remember my makeup being as heavy as it was when I saw myself in the mirror after I was sick."

    "There's something else."

    "Yes there is." Sarah started to cry. "My bottom was sore and there was something leaking out and running down my leb. I think it was... from a man."