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This is the eBook version of the story! Part 2 of a re-released Reluctant Press Classic, so if you haven't read it, now's your chance. Brandon, now known as CeCe, works undercover as a showgirl and sex toy for his corrupt female bosses. The longer he stays in this role, the more he is pulled into a world of perversion.

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    Sissy felt totally trapped and intimidated. How did this crude, ugly beast dare assume that a casino woman would ever consider behaving so lewdly? Did he presume all women to be whores, to perform without question if her price was met? Nature designed her breasts to first attract a man by mimicking her buttocks, and later to feed her offspring. They were ot toys or candy for neolithic slobs.

    "Listen to me," he thought to himself, "I sound like a prissy, pantied schoolgirl chastizing a neighborhood boy for pulling my pigtails. I am an undercover detective playing a role. I am CeCe Darling, brassy, sassy showgirl and dancer. give these boys a show!"