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This is the eBook version of the story! A re-released Reluctant Press Classic, so if you haven't read it, now's your chance. Brandon Dainty was raised by a mom who crossdressed him so he could assist her in her lady's apparel shop. When he went to apply for a job at a security company as a private investigator, it was only natural that they would see in him the potential of working undercover as a woman.

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    How did she know he was getting ready for bed?

    It was that time of night, probably just a coincidence.

    Nevertheless, he found the gossamer nightie with matching bra and panty and put them on. He fitted the short wig over his head again. He went into the bathroom to brush and floss his beautiful teeth. Returning to his new bedroom, he slid between the cool slippery sheets and turned out the lights.

    The erotic tension of the day slid into sharp focus as Brandon squirmed in ecstasy between the sheets. His hand did not have much work inside the wispy panty. He had a hanky ready to mop of the climax to a momentoush day.