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This is the eBook version! The trials of our 3 young men, now considered to be lost at sea, continues in this Victorian age story. 

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    I swallowed hard, causing the matrons to laugh at my blush. "What are you planning to do to me now, send me back to St. Vitus to have me made insane?"

    "Oh no, for that I am truly sorry,: the Duchess countered in shocked horror. "You will be allowed to continue as Charlotte. Why not."

    For the longest moment, I sat silently considering my past, seeing the utter reality of her simple remark, 'Why not?'

    "You cannot be anything but a woman, and you are very fortunate to be beautiful as well as titled. You may not be a duke, for that belongs to my son, but you very well may marry a Duke. There are one or two in your age bracket who are quite suitable."