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This is the eBook version! Stan, a very overweight young man, is desperate for work when, by chance he meets a talent scout for a modelling agency who offers him a job as a plus size model. There's always a twist in a Reluctant Press story, isn't there?

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    Stan was so nervous he felt as though he could be sick. It was a surreal experience stepping outside the studio and out onto a public walkway fully dressed as a woman for the first time in his life, wearing a bra, panties, dress, heeled sandals and makeup all topped of with the wig. Kate and Laura lined an arm each with his as they walked.

    "We can't be referring to you as Stan all evening." Laura sensibly opened. "So I'm going to suggest that your feminine name is Stacey." Stan blushed as Kate and those in earshot agreed with Laura, saying what a nice name it was. Now he had been given a female name to go along with everything else feminine about himself.