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In part 2 of our Reluctant Classic we learn more of this young man with a penchant for wearing women's clothes. In this story of the old west, Paul has found himself in the middle of a murder investigation, which in order to assist, he is forced to apear to be a woman 24/7.

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    "Dress up as a woman?" he asked uncertainly, feeling the churning of his tomach and a return to drowsiness only to laugh at the girl's joke. Obviously her mother had told her about his experience at the Halloween ball. "I hope not."

    Sarah glanced toward's Mrs. Wong and smiled, as he half-closed his eyes and rested back against the pillows.

    "Well we have a real problem. the sheriff has said that we must keep you out of sight to protect you from being seen by the stagecoach robbers. But the doctor says that we should air out your room and allow you to sit up in the hospital chair on the upstairs porch. So Mrs. Wong and I have decided to dress you up as a woman, so that nobody will be the wiser."