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Reluctant Press Novelette Cover

This Reluctant Press Classic re-imagined by the author.
A boy raised from birth as a girl has a difficult life but especially in England in the 1830's. Such is the life of Agnes. As a beautiful woman to all outward appearances, she is courted by many men, including some born into royalty. Besides having to deal with the question of her gender identity in a rigid society, Agnes is also in love with both Edwin, a handsome young man and Kathleen, her best friend. On top of all that, what is she to do about Lord Blowboys who knows her secret but still wants to make her his mistress? Come and immerse yourself in the secrets and improprieties of the age,

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    Yes, this was what Lady Blowboys would never know: I had been a late bloomer indeed, as girls go—but I was not really a girl. For fifteen years, ever since my parents had brought me to Troveroy Park at the age of three, I had been passed off as a girl, because Lady Julia insisted that she could not endure a boy. I could not now remember my parents; they had been so eager to have me bear the Troveroy name and be raised to a station above their own, by their exalted Aunt Julia and (as they thought) by her husband Sir Arthur, that they had gladly acceded to her demand for a girl, though the girl be a boy.