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Reluctant Press Novelette Cover

Conclusion of our special expanded and re-imagined story...

If you think that living as a boy raised from birth to be a girl is a difficult and complicated life, imagine how difficult and complicated it would have been in 1830's England. Such is the life of Agnes. As a beautiful woman to all outward appearances, she is courted by many men, including some born into royalty. Besides having to deal with the question of her gender identity in a rigid society, Agnes is also in love with both Edwin, a handsome young man and Kathleen, her best friend. On top of all that, what is she to do about Lord Blowboys who knows her secret but still wants to make her his mistress?

We now find out what really happened!

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    I wrote to Mr. Overhill stating how he was to recognize us, and requesting a meeting at three o’clock tomorrow afternoon, at a specified location near Blowboys House but not within view of it. In case the post did not arrive in time, I said, we would again await him at three o’clock on the day after. I also informed him that I believed Lord Blowboys to have been previously convicted of attempted buggery, occurring at Endwick in Warwickshire, and that the King should be notified, so that he might command that this matter be diligently looked into. When the letter was done and sealed, I gave it to Kathleen to be taken to the post. Then I began to pray, most earnestly, for the success of the coming endeavour.