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Chloe is your typical middle class housewife with a loving husband and two young children, living the American dream in a Minnesota suburb. It's a perfect life until it all changes suddenly when she is attacked on her kid's school's playground dispatching them quickly. It begins a dangerous search for who these attackers were, what they wanted, and what is her true identity?

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    "Look, I can't help wondering if you haven't got me muddled up. People see to think I have been to your country before and you seem to suggest you know me though I swear I have never seen you. And I have all these terrorists or whatever they are, chasing after me for something I know nothing about. If I am, somehow, the one you think I am, then I need answers, I need things explained to me because, right now, Sir, I think I am going out of my mind."

    Wilberforce's expression changed to one of sympathy. "Yes, you will get your answers today, but I feel they may shock you. I'm going to get right to the point. You are not Chloe Williams..."