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So in part 1 Chloe Williams, mother and middle class housewife, found out that she is really Colonel Cooper Mathews in the British Army who has had her (his?) memory wiped and been transformed as part of a situation of international importance. What will she do now? What must she do? How will she go forward with her life?

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    As Coop spoke, Gedeon pulled on a pair of black leather gloves and began checking in and around the bed, then the bedside table drawer. "You must think me some kind of fool, Chloe. Is that what it is?" he asked, this time looking inside and rummaging in the Coop's purse.

    It took a few seconds of Coop's vodka-addled brain to realise he had just been referred to as Chloe. He looked up and saw that Lebedev was now brandishing a gun in his direction.

    "Ah! Who would have thought that his infamously brave British soldier could be turned into some sultry whorish bimbo. Who would have expected that this so-called hero was always harbouring the want to be a woman. Ah!"

    Coop suddenly blanched as he thought the Russian would have no idea why his own country had changed his sex. This wasn't fair, he hadn't wanted to be a women and it galled him to think that people believed he always wanted to be female.