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If Part One of our story made it seem as if Beth's transformation into a girl was going well after having started out traumatically, Part Two takes a sharp turn into uncharted waters. Not only are her new "parents" attempting to control every aspect of her life but a business trip to Thailand becomes horrifying when she is kidnapped and turned into a prostitute.

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    Maria was once again waiting for her. She put her arms around Beth and just heald her tight. She didn't really need to ask how her date was tonight because it wasn't all that long ago when she too was sent on a date with Paul Smith. She knew all to well why Karen Lane liked to have her girls go on a date with him. Once you'd been on a date with Paul and lost whatever self-respect you had left.... you would be easy to manipulate for fear of her sending you out with him again. She had a shiver run down her spine, remembering the pain and shame of that act.