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Our young man, Gordon, knows he is destined to become a female impersonator, but can't imagine pulling it off in conservative North Dakota. Follow along as he explores gender, life, work, love and even marriage as he works towards his goal

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    "What is it that you need me to help you with?" Becky asked as Gordon hauled a huge rucksack into her room.

    "Your mom's away for the weekend right?" Gordon asked nervously.

    "I'm all alone until tomorrow evening." Becky replied. "What's in the bag?"

    "I'll show you in a few minutes. First you have to swear never to tell anyone."

    "Okay, I swear."Becky reached for the bag but Gordon put his hand up to stop her.

    "You know I love makeup," Gordon said slowly. "I think I want to do more than that".

    "You want to be a monster?"

    "Don't be silly," Gordon smiled. "I think you know what I want to do."

    "I'd guess that your imagination has been working overtime and you've decided that you're going to be a female impersonator."

    "How did you know?"

    "Your mom and my mom are sisters," Becky replied. "I've overheard them talking about you."

    "You overheard Mom saying that?"

    "They didn't know I was there."