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Genevieve, the femme name of our crossdressing protagonist, has just taken a huge step and signed up for deep feminine training with the owner of Feminine Flavor and its owner, Samantha. She is taken further than she ever imagined as she is turned into a beautiful and natural looking woman.

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    At precisely 9, I entered the unlocked door of the room that Samantha had indicated to me earlier. It was dimly lit, only by several large candles that burned on metal chalices in the corners. A large black leather padded horse, similar to one used by gymnasts sat in the center of the room. It stood about 36" high and rested on chrome metal legs. There were two metal eye-bolts at the top of the horse protruding through the leather at the ends and several more trimming the legs - one every eight inches of so. On a table to my right lay several large coils of rope, leather straps and various sexual toys. Mistress Samantha stood, arms crossed in front of me. She was dressed in a black satin bra, black satin panties and 5" stiletto heels.

    "Welcome, Genevieve, to one of the rooms in my house that is not advertised in the brochure. Here I will teach you some of the finer aspects of being a woman. "She paused for a moment, walked to me, and laid her hands on my nylon nightgown covered chest, Slowly massaging my hidden breast forms.

    "You look very beautiful tonight, very beautiful. And a gorgeous woman like you need to know what to expect from a nam sh she will be prepared in the future, Do you understand?

    "Yes," I slowly replied.