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Two stories taking place in the West: My Alice From Wonderland plus Evie, My Prairie Princess. These two stories shares some common themes. The first, of course, is that they take place in the west. but more to our interests, dear reader, they are stories of disguise, survival and ultimately love.

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    Two stories taking place in the West:

    In My Alice From Wonderland Harmon McQueen, a veteran turned recluse, in love with reading, horses and his ranch, lives on his big ranch on a remote mountain. He's surprised when a trick or treater, dressed as Alice from Alice in Wonderland comes calling one Halloween, as no one ever makes it to his front door, except for his hands.

    She, or rather as he soon finds out, he, is the son of his foreman, who has been dressed as a girl for her entire life. Completely entranced he invites her in and thus begins a long and interesting relationship.

    In Evie, My Prairie Princess, takes place in the old West and Jacques LeClerc, riding alone through dangerous territory, hears a faint cry for help. He discovers a lone woman, Evelyn Bascomb, hurt, lying on the ground, the sole survivor of an attack by outlaws. Thus begins their adventure, searching for the men who killed her family and to stake the claim the land as her father had intended. But of course there is more to the story...