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June is Logan's stepmom and she works at a clinic that explores the differences between the sexes and if it is possible to change a boy into a girl, but she it is time to find a subject to test her research. Well, of course, Logan is close at hand! So entirely unbeknownst to him, she begins to apply that very same research and change the poor boy. As he progresses, he meets another test subject, much further along and sparks begin to fly.

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    "You have nice breasts." Logan forgot himself for a moment as the memory of touching them returned strongly. 

    "I hated it when they were starting to grow. the sensations weren't nice but when they grew too big to hide, they felt different. I made friends with them."

    "That's a strange thing to say."

    "I liked the way they made me feel and I got more confident by the day. I got used to pretty lingerie and the way it looked on my body." Murdock smiled at the memory. "My first low-cut dress was a dream come true. I loved it instantly."

    "That must hav taken some time though; waiting and wondering how far they'd grow."

    "I never thought about that. Other things were happening at the same time. My hair grew long quite quickly, my skin softened and cleared. One day, I look at myself in the mirror and realized that I liked this new me. I started learning about makeup and hair and liked it even more."

    "You like it that they've turned you into a girl?" Logan sounded surprised and then remembered his own likely fate.

    "Do I look unhappy?" Murdoch's eyes shown, "I quite like watching as guys can't help talking to my chest before they look me in the eye. I quite like acting as if I'm stupid sometimes too."