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Reluctant Press Cover

One night Craig, and his buddies, stopped into see a female impersonator show. He was quite taken with one particular performer, the gorgeous Candy Floss. Fascinated, he returns the next night and thus begins what he thinks of as being an unlikely friendship. As the friendship grows, he learns more and more about life in drag and Candy finds that she is deeply attracted to him. There are changes afoot for the young man.

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    As Candy left for her shower, Craig went to the drawer and found number of visitor guides to LA which he brought out, ported a mug of coffee and settled into n armchair as he looked through the guides. He was still reading when candy returned from the shower, a large towel tied around his waist down to his feet.

    Craig was momentarily in shock. There standing before him, was a guy! Candy was bare-chested... no sigh of any breasts, also, whilst not short, his hair was much shorter than Craig had ever seen. Rather than looking like a beautiful woman, Candy now looked like a mixture between male and female... more of a very pretty boy rather than a stunning looking woman.