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Reluctant Press Cover

So in part 2 of our story, Candy and Craig are now an item. Craig has moved to LA, lives with Candy and has a new job working at a shop that supplies items to crossdressers and female impersonators. Soon Candy begins to help Craig explore her world in order to better understand his new girlfriend. It's a giddy ride  of transformation and sex for our young fellow as he falls ever more deeply into a new way of life. 

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    Once all the oohing and aching was over, Craig wanted to get back into his own clothing and wash the makeup off his face. Wendy, William and Elise all thought he should stay as he was until closing time, Wendy saying it would be a shame to waste all of Maisy's efforts. 

    For Craig, it was more a case of enjoying the feeling too much that concerned him; he had never worn nylons before and loved the look and feel of them on his legs. He was and always had been a breast man and the very realistic half body plate that Maisy had fastened on him gave him the look and feel of having his own impressive pair of breasts which was, in itself, causing an unwanted feeling in the silk and lace panties he was wearing.