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Reluctant Press Cover

Boys aren't supposed to want to be girls. They certainly aren't supposed to try to BE girls. That's what Lyn was taught and what he always believed. Yet when his mother sends him to live with his Aunt, she senses that there is a deep desire within him and decides to help him become the woman he needs to be.

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    ‘‘That’s evil.’’ Michael laughed at the idea. ‘‘You’re a devious person, Genevieve Larson. I’ve never heard anything like it.’’

    ‘‘I can’t hear you rejecting the idea out of hand.’’

    ‘‘I’m intrigued,’’ Michael replied. ‘‘What did you have in mind?’’

    ‘‘I don’t want to do anything forceful,’’ Jennie said. ‘‘He seems a nice kid, a little naïve for his seventeen years. I thought I might be able to persuade him to have some fun pretending to be my niece.’’

    ‘‘Aren’t I a bit too old? I’m twenty-two.’’

    ‘‘I know, but you’re a nice twenty-two and I know your mother’s desperate for you to settle down so that you can take over the business and she can retire.’’

    ‘‘Does that make me the eligible bachelor for your nephew, or niece?’’

    ‘‘That’s thinking too far ahead.’’ Jennie liked the thought now that he’d mentioned it. ‘‘He’s supposed to be looking at colleges while his mother’s working in Europe, but I don’t think his heart’s in it.’’

    ‘‘Is there no other family around to stop your dastardly  plot?’’ Michael asked lightly.

    ‘‘There’s no one,’’ Jennie replied. ‘‘I thought this might be a bit of summer fun for us all. Are you in?’’

    ‘‘Provided he’s not built like a linebacker with bad breath, of course I’m in.’’ Michael paused. ‘‘But none of us have any idea where this may lead. Have you thought of that?’’