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This is the eBook version! Told in first person, our hero moves away from his mom once she lets a boyfriend move in, and begins to live with his Aunt Emma. Emma runs a vintage clothing and jewelry store and it so happens our young man has been fascinated by antique jewelry for most of his life. She needs help in her store and he could help, but as a guy? I'm afraid not!

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    "Say hello to Thomas." The girl kissed me on the cheek.

    "He's pretending I'm still Thomas to shock you," she said. "I told him that I'm Ginny now, but he keeps pretending that he's forgotten, especially when he can embarrass someone."

    Desmond too her hand and paraded her in front of me. "This is the finished product of our factory," he said. "See how sinuously she walks on these impossible heels? Watch her hips wiggle unconsciously as she walks. See her hair swing down her back, and the elegant way she uses her hands? This is your destiny."

    "All in less than a week?" I asked.

    "Who knows what we can achieve if we strive together?" he said , still in full theatrical mode.