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Reluctant Press Cover

Ray is a career man, always working and trying to get that next promotion. His drive is so strong that he sacrifices his marriage and eventually his life as a guy to get what he really wants … to be a girl. Through an interesting set of circumstances, Ray becomes Rachel, a beautiful bombshell of a girl that is trained by his wife to become the perfect obedient housewife.

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    “A contract? What are you talking about?” I asked.

    “It’s simple, my dear husband. I don’t want to waste my time. If you are serious about dressing as a girl, then I will help you. But before I do, you will have to commit to learning from me.

    “Wait a minute. What is this here in the contract about me being a little girl, then a teenage girl, then a young woman, and then an adult woman?” I asked.

    “Don’t worry about that part. It’s just a few steps in your development along the way.We’ll have lots of time for you to learn the new rules,” said Chloe.

    “No way am I going to sign any stupid document. I don’t see why I need to. This is my house, and I can do as I please,” I said, trying to assert my dominance.

    “Remember sweetie, I’m on the lease too. As the only one with a job, I can kick you out for not contributing to the mortgage. Would you like to be homeless, dear?” said Chloe as she stared me down.

    I tried to maintain eye contact but she was too much for me. I finally put my head down. “You wouldn’t do that. I don’t need any stupid contract,” I said in defiance.

    "I knew that you did not have the courage to go through with this. You are just a little wimp that likes to dress up as a girl. No balls, just a pussy!” said Chloe angrily. “You figure out where you are going to live because as of next week, you’ll be out on the street, Mister.”

    “Okay, okay …. I’ll sign the piece of paper if it will make you happy,” I said in defeat. I quickly signed the signature page and initialed in a few places that she pointed to.

    “There. Are you happy now?” I said as I held my head down. “At least I’ll get to dress like a girl from now on,” I thought to myself.

    “Yes dear,” said Chloe with a smile. “We start tomorrow morning. Please get a good night’s rest. Goodnight, dear.”

    She kissed me on the cheek and went up to bed.

    I was excited and was looking forward to the next day.