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Another well written story of mystery and transformation by Ms. Peters. Ross Barkley, a member of the San Francisco Police Department, having successfully solved a murder case by posing in drag, has been loaned out to crack another case of kidnapping of crossdressing young men. He's working hard at this case taking him into worlds of crime and sex. As he does his job, he is beginning to discover that the longer he is in this life, the more certain aspects appeal to him.

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    I shivered as I thought about that, being accepted as a woman. It had seemed to come so easily, especially since the constant attention of electrolysis, wax and other depilatory creams by Barb. I still felt I had to wear foundation to cover my face but Barb insisted that I shouldn't, given the short time I was doing the work we did. I hadn't shaved, except for my legs, since that first time of being a 'drag queen'. My legs I did every second day whether they needed it or not.

    Giselle made me consent to let her dye my hair. She said I'd be really hot as a blonde with my fair skin. I think she was right. Shaking nervously, I'd gone to her at her salon - she dressed as Guy, me made up femininely, in a leather miniskirt and black top. I had to endure the snide comments of the female hairdressers as Guy did my hair. they know I was a man even though I went there in a miniskirt and nude pantyhose. They had comments, though, for Guy as he did my hair - and complimentary observations for me, about how pretty I was becoming and how my new hairdo would drive my boyfriend wild.

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    Great story of a detective transforming into a prostitute

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    Philippa Peters is a great author as she creates this mysterious world of intrigue. As an undercover detective gets closer to solving his case, he also gets closer to crossing the line of no return from becoming a she-male prostitute. Interesting and exciting all at the same time!