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Our mystery continues as Ross pursues the kidnapper and finds himself beginning to doubt what his true gender might be.

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    "You, you're Edward Jackson." I told Belinda Lee hesitantly as I brushed out my hair and put on the earrings she had set out for me in the bedroom. Then she had me assist her in changing the sheets on the bed I had slept in with her brother. I felt so funny about that and so domestic as Belinda and I tidied up the bed and made it new, clean and presentable. We girls put frilled pillowslips on the pillows and a clean nightie and pyjamas on the bed as if I was going to be there again that night, with my lover.

    "Oh please," said Belinda. "I know Tony likes to call me by my old name, but I don't use it anymore>"

    "You, you were kidnapped," I suggested. Belinda burst out laughing.

    "What do you think?" she asked.

    "You robbed your own parents?" I asked, light beginning to dawn.

    "Well," said Belinda, "They wouldn't pay for these." She put her hands on her breasts, straining against the plunging neckline of her low-cut top.