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Reluctant Press Cover

Three very different stories of beautiful shemales and their lovers!

In Beauty Bare in Hiding, Tina (nee Tim) has a whirlwind romance with a gay attorney, Bob that leads to all kinds of questions about sex and sexual preferences.

In Teen Brain's Good Girlfriend, Jackie (nee Jack) learns a bitter lesson as the secret girlfriend of the top high school brain as she undergoes a "sure-fire" cure for homosexuality with a nymphomaniac female classmate.

In The Prince and the Grocery Maid, lovely grocery store worker, Lynnette (nee Lyndon) eagerly accepts in interview with a handsome prince to be his wife, but discovers that the far more suitable position is as his Mistress.

Lots of sexy scenes in this book

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    Only a couple of days later, Rich took me out in his car to Grand Stimson Park on Capitoline Hill, for what we both know was going to ba a hot makeup session. Grand Stimson Park was well known as a gathering place for homosexuals, and I had to admit I was a homosexual in girls' clothes, at least when I was with Rich. I had successfully hidden my wig and girls' clothes in my closet at home, though I was afraid my mom might discover them at any time. I sneaked them out of the house; I changed into my girl' clothes in a gas station restroom, and I was incredibly excited when I emerged as a girl.