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Reluctant Press Cover

Joe and Matt, lifelong friends, are the high school bullies, especially towards anyone that they suspect of being gay. When the school announces that it will participate in the national Teen Transgender Pageant, they cook up a plan to ridicule the school "sissies". Joe will pretend to be transgender and enter the contest, revealing the whole thing as a stupid prank. They soon find out that this becomes much longer and deeper "masquerade" that both of them must continue.

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    He looked in a large mirror and his hands immediately came up to cover his mouth in shock. His hands flashed long pink nails. His hair had soft waves and shone with a health gleam. The obvious thanks ere the straight bangs that had bench just above his eyebrows, eyebrows that were darker and had neat lines to the arch that had been created. The second thing was that there were blonde highlights in his hair...

    He wanted to scream, he wanted to protest, but as his mind raced at a hundred miles an hour he thought to himself what good would it do?

    "O.M.G! I look so... girly!"