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Part two of the Lulubelle Trilogy. Lewis' mother's plan to get her son to life as the daughter she always wanted is coming along nicely. He has now been on a date with a handsome man.

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    "Oh mother!" Lewis cried. "What is happening to me?"

    "Darling, why so glum? Didn't your date go well?"

    "Yes, I mean no. I mean... oh! I don't know what to think! I wasn't prepared for how easy it was to talk to him."

    Marianne smiled. "Oh Lulubelle darling, you mustn't fret too much. Every girl feels a little bit shaky after her first date with a potential boyfriend."

    "Patrick is not my boyfriend!"

    "Maybe not yet," his mother said softly. "I'm sure if you made the right impression and he'll call you again. In fact I've already heard Patrick is quite taken with you. I get you are impressed with him?"

    Lewis moaned. Patrick was a better man, and handsomer, more successful, manly muscled, and probably better endowed than most. Most women would think of him as a fantasy man.

    Marianne was so excited just thinking about the possibilities of Lulubelle openly dating such a man. She imagined what the kissing and being the girl part of a 'boyfriend and girlfriend' could do to Lewis? She knew Lewis was both excited and scared at the same time at the thought of having a boyfriend. It was a big deal.