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Part three of the Lulubelle Trilogy. Lewis is starting to settle into his life as Lulubelle, a young woman, his mother's daughter and even a girlfriend. Are wedding bells far away?

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    "It all felt so natural." Lewis told his mother when he returned downstairs. "While the boys were running around the football field, we talked and swapped makeup tips and even planned a 'girl's night out' together! Do you think that would be ok, mother?"

    "More than ok, sweetie!" Marianne replied happily. "That's just the sort of thing I really want you to experience! The boys will do their thing and you and the other girls can get together and have some fun on your own. Was anything planned?"

    "Well Cindy thinks it would be fun for us bother tho try out for the cheerleading squad, but I don't know."

    "Whyever not?" Marianne asked. "I think it's a wonderful idea and with your ballet training you'll be one step ahead of the other girls."

    "Patrick thinks it is a great idea, but I think he just wants to see me in one of those cute short skirted uniforms!"

    Well of course he does! Boys will be boys!"