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Part one of the Lulubelle Trilogy. Lewis' mother has a plan to get her son "Lulubelle" back home and into dresses.

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    "I'm Juliet. I'm so glad you're here. My good friend Carol told me all about you. What can I do for you today? Your wish is my command."

    "Oh wow!" Marianne gushed. "Your store is simply divine, Juliet. Don't you agree Lulubelle darling?"

    Lewis cringed at his mother's use of her pet name for him and managed to stammer out something to the effect it was nice.

    "Nice! Why it's just heavenly! I can't wait to look around!"

    "Well then, " Juliet replied. "Let's get you started right away. Did you have anything in mind?"

    "My son is going to a party," Marianne explained, "and needs something special to wear. I was thinking along the lines of a fairy or princess or bride."

    Lewis could have died on the spot. A fairy! His mother was going to dress him as a fairy or worse!

    The hour or so that followed was pure torture for Lewis as he was forced to try on outfit after outfit while his mother and Juliet hovered about him like hummingbirds, admiring the different styles until both women settled on a dress they both agreed was perfect.