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Reluctant Press Cover

If Joe thought his new existence as a faux transgender girl was going to be brief, he was sadly mistaken. There would be no exit from the feminine life until after the state competition for Miss Teen Transsexual was over. The fact that he made a very convincingly attractive girl was no comfort for him. If anything it added to the confusion in his mind, as did the fact that the hormones he was forced to take were softening his skin, messing with his mind and giving him breasts. And then what to do about his best friend Mike?

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    Inside, Joe was dying. He didn’t want babes like Bethany seeing him as a male-to-female transsexual. He hated how people were recognizing him and thinking he really was transsexual. How would he ever live all of this down after the State competition? He would have to get his Mom to move to another town, even, perhaps, out of Ohio.