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Reluctant Press Cover

My big problem was going to be crossing over the border into Switzerland and back to France. I had given it much thought and decided that if I could get to Switzerland, which was neutral, I would then be able to get back over the border into France. The problem was I had no papers. But what I did have was my guile and my intelligence. Dressed as a
fashionable woman, in a long grey skirt, black shoes, a grey linen jacket with a fox stole and a hat - I took a train to the Swiss border and lodged in a large hotel.

An adventure story beginning in WWI, but continuing on to tell the story of the protagonist's life as a master thief and master of disguise.

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    “What do you think?” He asked.

    “It’s lovely,” I said. “Fantastic.”

    “But come look,” Gerald said, “Look what I have bought you.”

    He took me into the bedroom that was to be mine and pulled open a drawer. I stood back. Stunned. Wide eyed I stared for the drawer was full of lovely camisoles and nylons, another drawer contained more female undergarments and the wardrobe itself contained dresses and skirts and shoes.

    Gerald registered the surprise on my face. “You told me about your exploits in Germany – I know you can be a great female impersonator – that will be our modus operandi – you only need to dress as a woman for our heists.”

    I smiled. I had rather enjoyed my ten days in Berlin, in the heart of enemy territory, robbing from the locals whilst dressed as a woman – and I had been remarkably impressed by how easily I had managed to pass as a female in public but I wasn’t sure about committing crimes dressed in drag.

    “Gerald,” I said. “I do think we will make a perfect team but… this…I’m not sure about it.”