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Reluctant Press Cover

Dylan’s stepmother Marcia thinks that the boy is lazy and she’s not entirely wrong. Her friend Rosalind is a “psychic counsellor” who needs an assistant and Marcia thinks that her young charge would be perfect for the position, despite the fact that Dylan considers Rosalind a fraud. Against his better judgment, wanting to get his stepmother off his back, he agrees to talk to Rosalind. She turns on the charm and convinces the reluctant boy to accept the position. One little wrinkle, however. She wants her assistant to be an exotically attractive young woman.

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    Rosalind uses her considerable powers of persuasion to talk Dylan into at least trying the role. Much to his surprise, Dylan starts to rather enjoy being a pretty young woman. Rosalind isn’t done with him just yet, however. She happens to have a gay dentist friend who is trying to keep his sexual orientation secret from his patients. Before he has time to really assess what’s happening to him, Dylan is serving as James’ “girlfriend,” a relationship that blossoms into a romance.