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Reluctant Press Cover

Aaron is short on money. He is currently sleeping on his friend Sarah's couch. Sarah is a bit tired of his freeloading, though, and suggests that he get a job. In fact, she has a very specific job in mind. To that end, she takes him to The Litigation Agency. Despite a name that suggests a law office, the Agency is actually in the business of setting men with a specific proclivity up with special "girls." Sarah sees a potential in Aaron that he has never suspected about himself.

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    Out of desperation, Aaron soon finds himself being transformed into a lovely, desirable specimen of femininity. To his great amazement, he makes a wonderful young woman and before long, he is going out on dates with wealthy men who want a discreet encounter with a woman with "something extra." Before he knows what's hit him, Aaron is luxuriating in a world of fancy dresses, beautiful hairdos and long, painted nails. Not to mention discovering that he enjoys have a certain power over the men he spends his nights with.