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Reluctant Press Cover

To help earn some money for college, Nick volunteered to cleanup Dr. Hopkins' garage. Somewhere in the garage he discovered a Make-Up Kit from another time. Picking up what appeared to be green foam rubber breast pads from the kit he laughingly held them up to his naked suntanned chest -- only to discover that they clung in place and gradually changed into two lovely, real breasts. When he asks his sister for help, his real problems begin.

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    'He really looks good as a girl,' she thought. She looked closer, noticing that the combination of the wig and the breasts had changed his facial features. They were softer, more rounded, more feminine, she decided. The soft honey blonde hair set off his facial features perfectly. With a little makeup and a decent hair style, he would be a knock out. He already has half of a great figure. She sighed. She resumed reading, a kinky idea slowly being formed in her mind.

    By the time she had finished reading the instruction sheet she had made up her mind and had worked out a plan. First, she had to get him to drink some of the liquid in the bottle. `But how?’