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Ms Ellen brings us another of her very well written stories. this one is a biography of a young man trying to decipher his feelings of �wrongness� as he grows up and leads him through sexy adventures. As an added pleasure she intertwines this story with an enduring mystery, one begun during the Pacific campaigns of WWII
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    "See girls. He not only looks feminine but he acts just like a girl too. Don't you think he is just the most perfect little sissy boy you have ever seen?"

    The answer to Sharon's question was another round of laughter and giggles.

    In the course of the evening I sipped my wine in a lady like fashion while the girls gossiped and talked about many things. When the third bottle of wine was finished the girls got up to leave.

    "Jennifer, before the ladies leave please show them how adept a sissy boy like you is in touching up your makeup."

    I put my wine glass down and opened the dainty purse. I took out the lipstick removed the top and turned up the base. I removed the compact from my purse, opened it up and held it in front of me. After applying fresh lipstick and blusher to the delight of all the girls in the room, I returned the items to my purse and looked over at Sharon for approval.

    We finished to wine and after washing the wine glasses adjourned to the bedroom where like Cinderella at midnight, all this beautiful femininity had to come off.

    To be hones I felt very sad as Sharon helped me undress. I really felt that I belonged in lingerie, a dress, high heel pumps and makeup, whether it was fora costume or not.