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This story is about a group of crossdressers who meet periodically to celebrate their passion for their "hobby" of wearing women's clothes. It reads almost like a documentary telling of their struggles of balancing their lives as they confront the law, themselves, and yes, even men.

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    My mind was reeling to her as I listed to her and thought about all my 'girl friends' in the Chapter. Even those declaiming loudly, married men, that they weren't gay at all, like Brenda and Marian, had hooked up with some guy 'out back' even though they were always saying that they only loved to dress in pretty women's clothes. Others must mean it, I thought. Probably those like Belinda and Stephanie who never came on an 'extra outing' that Marian and Margaret had been pleading with me to attend, because I looked so 'passable'. I made the group I was with more acceptable.

    Some of the Chapter, I'd realized then, obviously didn't really mean that they only liked wearing female clothing, like Margaret, sashaying beside me on the way back to her place. She did actually look really passable, in my opinion. We were just two women walking home in our swishing dresses, giggling over a night on the town as pretty girls.