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Reluctant Press Cover

Two reimagined stories: In Lady in the House, a wife convinces her husband to "dress-up" as a silly game, but her actual plan is much more sinister and permanent.

In A Certain Image, a rivalry between a man and a woman for a coveted advancement at work causes the woman to hatch a plan to embarrass the man out of the job by changing him in significant ways.

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    Joyce tried to organize his thoughts to discover a way of escape but his mind fell down into a swirling void of blackness; he slumped against the seat as the car drove off, leaving the strange Mr. Knapp waving goodbye...

    Joyce awoke with a sudden shock of realization that he was resting on a hospital cart dressed only in a sheer white nylon hospital gown and cotton panties! Frantically, he sat up to see that he was in a small waiting room like a doctor might use. Somebody had undressed him and had given him these to wear before leaving him there.

    The door opened and a woman dressed in a tweed suit entered, carrying a stethoscope loosely as she looked at Joyce after silently studying a medical folder she held in her hand.

    “Ah, Mrs. Knapp, it is nice to meet you again,” she greeted with a slight Mexican accent and a broad smile of recognition, “Please remove your clothes.”

    Just like that! Joyce shook his head in disbelieving fear.

    “There has been a terrible mistake, really, I’m not Mrs. Knapp. I’m Joyce Richards, honestly.”