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Reluctant Press Cover

A wildly comic, sex-drenched spoof on the time-honored “sentenced to feminization” storyline! Manly bus driver Dean, outraged at his fiancee Gina’s disclosure that she is bisexual, is convicted of a hate crime for slapping her, and sentenced to five years’ probation on condition of “girlization.”

Can Dean and Gina ever get back together? Can Dean’s enforced “girlization,” incredibly,  even help them get back together? Or will Gina slip away from Dean forever, while Dean goes wild with the beautiful young shemale Laurie?

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    “All right, then. You’ll be released to probation today.”

    Dean turned to Inticus and Laurence. “Thanks, Inticus,” Dean said. “And thank you, uh, Laurence. That was a really great offer you made. Too bad the judge didn’t accept it.”

    “It is too bad,” Laurence said. His blue eyes were looking straight into Dean’s brown ones. He looked completely like a beautiful girl, except for his clothes. Dean’s heart leaped at the thought. If only Laurence really was a beautiful girl, Dean thought for a mo- ment, he might even forget all about Gina.

    “I hate it when a real man gets girlized,” Laurence said, making it obvious that he thought Dean was a real man. “I wish I could have kept it from happening to you.”

    Dean drew close to Laurence and whispered in his ear so the judge couldn’t hear. “It won’t happen to me,” Dean assured him. “They can force me to pretend I’m getting girlized, but they can’t really girlize me inside. You’ll see.”