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Reluctant Press Novelette Cover

The Blackstone Academy is a covert institution that can't be found in any directory of higher learning. It doesn't advertise its services; you have to hear about it from someone "in the know."

What it is, is a school that teaches young men how to become sissies destined to serve well-heeled "mistresses." The boys lucky enough to be invited to attend the Blackstone may enter it as somewhat feminine-leaning but by the time they graduate they are as feminine as any natural-born woman on Earth.

In this book you will learn the stories of two such young men who enter the Blackstone confused about their direction in life but leave it understanding and appreciating the joys of being a beautiful woman who lives to serve the woman who keeps "her."

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    “Just perfect!” exclaimed Lois as she placed a pair of pink, three-inch heel patent leather pumps in front of me. “I told you he was a perfect Little Miss 16!”

    I placed my right foot into the shoe and found it to be tight. Lois replaced the pair with another size and I slipped into them with no trouble at all.

    “Now walk like this,” commanded Lois.

    I watched her walk across the floor to the door and back. I tried to imitate her as best I could. I had never worn heels before and I didn’t want to fall. It was actually easier than I thought and, after a little practice, I found I was walking in them easily with no discomfort at all.

    “That’s very good for your first time in heels,” commented Linda. “Now sit in one of those chairs and remember to reach behind you and smooth your dress as you sit.”

    I did as I was told. Several more times I walked around the shop, sat down and got up again until I was doing everything in my best girly fashion. The girls seemed to enjoy my performance very much.

    “OK, time to party!” announced Lois. She placed a pink mask over my face and slipped a white, ruffled apron over my head, then tied the straps in a big bow in the back.