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Reluctant Press Cover

Jeremy, trying to recover emotionally from a devastating laboratory accident is invited to stay with his sister and brother-in-law. Suddenly finding himself in the company of a very feminine brother-in-law, Phillip, and another young man who looks like anything but, he finds himself slipping into the same presentation, with the help of his loving sister, of course! Perhaps it's for the best.

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    ‘‘When I dress up, it’s like I’m slipping into another character. I act the way I dress,’’ Lilly said. ‘‘I’m sure that when a sailor or a cop puts on the uniform, they slip into the expected mode of behavior. It’s the same with hair, makeup, and heels. Once you’re dressed, the character comes along naturally.’’

    ‘‘I can’t believe that it’s so simple.’’

    ‘‘You’ll never know unless you try.’’ Lilly smiled mischievously. I’d love to have a sister.’’

    ‘‘I don’t know.’’

    ‘‘Think about it,’’ she said. ‘‘It could help you to hide from the person you’ve become since you were in hospital.’’

    ‘‘You know about that?’’

    ‘‘Not really; only that Bella said you’d lost a lot of your personality and confidence. It must have been awful spending so long in isolation.’’