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Reluctant Press Novelette Cover

Danny would like nothing more than for his mom to find a replacement for his long gone deadbeat father. One day she brings home Dannie, a female friend from work. Dannie is beautiful, with great figure. One little wrinkle, however: Dannie is a man. Caleb's mother loves this seeming specimen of perfect femininity and is intent on settling down with him/her. Caleb is understandably confused by the relationship but the more time he spends with Dannie, the more he starts to feel a kinship with his possible new stepfather in dresses. With Dannie's guidance, Caleb starts a journey down the road to femininity and discovers the girl who has been hiding inside a boy's exterior all along, including the joys of being intimate with both genders.

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    ‘‘I get that, but why did you want to be female?’’

    ‘‘There are hundreds of reasons.’’ Dannie smiled. ‘‘I love the feel of their clothes and the jewelry. I love perfumes and makeup, getting my hair and nails done. It’s really addictive and makes me feel so good.’’

    ‘‘I still don’t get it.’’ I shook my head. ‘‘Why go to all that trouble?’’

    ‘‘I am fascinated by everything about being a woman.’’ He looked at his nails and played with the ring again. ‘‘It’s so much more fun than being a boy.’’

    ‘‘It must have been hard work to get this restaurant going.’’ I changed the subject.

    ‘‘It was really hard work but then it got easier and I bought a few more restaurants as time went on. They made money and now I have the lifestyle I always wanted. I’m an attractive woman. I have a nice house and car and the world has been kind to me.’’