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Reluctant Press Novelette Cover

Contemporary truths flow from classic hidden gems...

He regretted the fact that he had told the waiter that the woman seated nearby was in fact a man. It was an awful thing for one TV to do to another. But the fact was that he just knew that Jack couldn't pass, and he felt that he was helping Jack, before he got into real trouble. When he apologized to his friend Jack, later, Jack said: “I'll bet that you will not be able to read June ever again. In fact, June will be at the same restaurant in three weeks. See if you can find her.” Thus, began the strangest adventure of his life.

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    Simultaneously he rose all the way off of my chest, and MY BREASTS quivered and shook beneath his flat, masculine chest!

    “What the Hell have you done to me?” My voice now had a surprised female shriek to it, better than anything my self training had ever been able to achieve.

    “You wanted to know about the process and so you have had `the treatment’. That is all there is to it! As never before, you are now totally Annie. You can still sleep around with anyone you want, like last night, lover. But, my dear, you’re the one that gets screwed!” There was a silly grin on his face.