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Reluctant Press Novelette Cover

When Lachlan's stepmother asks him to attend the funeral of a distant aunt, insisting that his attendance is important, he complies despite not  being able to figure out how this could be. When he finally gets to the old family home she puts him in her old room. Once settled into the room, he strangely finds himself drawn to the departed's clothes. Bit by bit, things change and he almost isn't aware. Then a young man presents himself and a whole new life does as well.

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    ‘‘I’ve only borrowed her robe,’’ I said. ‘‘I haven’t been trying on her dresses.’’ As the words spilled out of my mouth, I had a vague sense of how inappropriate they were.

    "Of course you haven’t.’’ Angela stared at me closely but there was a twinkle in her eye that was saying something different, like she didn’t believe me. ‘‘But you’re both tall and slim, and apart from the obvious curves, I think most of her things would fit you. You could have such fun, playing a dressing up game with yourself.’’

    ‘‘I couldn’t.’’ What the hell was she suggesting and why?

    ‘‘I’ll come and help you, if you like.’’

    There was something in the way she said that and the way she looked at me. I let it go as she served a green salad with tuna. We ate in silence. Only occasionally did I had a fleeting sense that I was dressed inappropriately for a man.