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Darren likes girls but has had zero experience with them. Things take a sudden turn whenStepmom’s sister arrives on the scene, offering Darren a job as the “stooge” in her cruise ship act. Olivia, the ship's hypnotist, throws a monkey wrench into things when she asks Darren to work with her, this time dressing as an attractive young woman. Darren finds himself appreciating his alter ego more and more and pleads with Olivia to “put him under” as often as possible to reinforce his new sensibility. Before long “Samantha” is demonstrating her feminine wiles on a young male ship passenger — and doing it as if she has been practicing for years.

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    ‘‘That’s not the point; you couldn’t feel so feminine in handed down lingerie.’’ Olivia held out some black panties towards him. ‘‘This is your lingerie; all yours and yours alone.’’ Olivia said. ‘‘I promise that you’ll feel so different when you’re wearing it.’’

    ‘‘I shouldn’t,’’ Darren replied, picking up another of the bags and feeling the silky material inside. ‘‘I couldn’t…’’

    ‘‘Oh, but you will,’’ Olivia said. ‘‘I’ll bet that even now, your mind is tumbling over with thoughts that you’re being let into some of the secrets that we women keep from most men.’’

    ‘‘I really don’t want…’’

    ‘‘Don’t worry; it’s all going to come together when we’re doing it in front of an audience.’’