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Reluctant Press Novelette Cover

An RP classic...
When Wanda Maxwell kicks her husband out of bed, he borrows The Exercise Tape from his secretary, Barbara. Barbara bought the tape from Diets and Stuff to help her to lose weight and gain a more attractive figure. Wanda went to the same store to buy a special diet to encourage pregnancy.
Soon, Mark discovers that the special tape helps him lose more than just weight, and the special diet is affecting him in surprising ways

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    Mark slipped the tape into his office VCR and turned on the monitor. He wanted to take a look at a few of the sexier sounding exercises. There was the normal static and then soft catchy aerobic type music. Superimposed on the pale pink background was the title of the tape. “Exercise Your Way to a Sexy Body.” Under the title in bright red, was a flashing warning. “Do not use this tape unless you desire to be the following size.” The music stopped and an older sounding woman’s voice came on as a voice  over. “Size 13/14 tall, with a 36C bust measurement.” A younger woman’s voice then said, “by following the exercises you can expect to develop a firm sexy figure with a body weight that is proportional to your height and still achieve the goal.”

    Mark ignored the warning since it didn’t really apply to him, this was, after all, a woman’s workout tape, and he was a man.. He did note in passing however, that the sizes given by the unseen voice over were the same as Barbara’s. He thought that was understandable since it was her exercise tape. Mark smiled to himself as he thought about his tall, shapely and well-proportioned secretary. He’d always liked her figure, especially since it had shown subtle improvements, just before she had married Steve. If he, himself, had been born a tall woman like Barbara, he wouldn’t mind having a figure like that at all.