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Patricia Michelle, the absolute Mistress of beautifully illustrated Sissy Stories brings you Part 2 of this story with 11 Full Color Illustrations in an over sized format.

The former husband and head of household, now known as Chrissie, only endures more embarrassments and humiliations in this the continuation of #480.

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    Just then, one of the beauticians came in, and looking at them, asked, "I really can't tell which is the boy and which is the girl."

    "Will Rebecca please raise your hand so Maude can tell who is who," Cora asked, hiding her big grin.

    "Why that's precisely what we're hoping for. When they model the Brother & Sister collection they'll be wearing identical outfits and we don't want the audience to know who is who at that age. It's quite normal to see little boys and girls dressed im many of the same outfits."

    "Well that's true at their age mothers do tend to dress them up like little dolls don't they?" the woman casually remarked.

    Which I could see quite alarmed Chrissie. This was going to be all too amusing.