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15 full color illustrations in this over sized book from the creative mind of Ms. Patricia Michelle.

Darlene has lost her patience with her husband Bob. Although a wimp at home, he is overbearing in public. Unable to secure a decent job due to his childish looks, a modeling opportunity for children's clothes presents itself with a possible solution to Darlene's problem.

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    "Now ladies what our two adorable models, Little Bobbie and our darling Angela, are wearing is from our casual Little Lords and Lassies line. LIttle Bobbie", she said, I'm sure on purpose emphasizing the 'little', "is wearing the most darling pair of shiny tan corduroy shorts with an attached bib.

    "Notice the shoulder straps which crisscross in back and button to the bib with accenting red buttons in front and matching belt. Under it is the cutest short sleeved white shirt with a darling peter pan collar. The perfect touch of course, for his feet, are black and white saddle shoes and short, turn down anklets.

    His partner's outfit was identical except for the skirt. She looked about eleven and so crushing for him, I hoped, for she was actually a bit taller and they were holding hands. He was trying hard to smile, but I could see it was taking a real effort.

    "L... look what they did to me," he hollered when we got home.

    "Why I don't know what you mean. I think you look darling and much better as a blonde," I giggled, then angrily added. "Don't you dare raise your voice to me. I've had it with your arrogant, overblown ego. Pretending to be macho. You'll do more dictating to me, do you hear?"